Resistance band - Least Resistance Yoga, Rehab & Maternity band

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Resistance band - Least Resistance Yoga, Rehab & Maternity band

£12.99 £19.99 -36% OFF


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Resistance Band - Entry Level

Perfect for those new to exercise or who are returning after a long period of inactivity. We've designed this band to offer less resistance than normal to allow you to lightly build up your tolerance to exercise.


"It's much better to start light and build up, than jump into intense exercise." - Vision Thirteen LifeStyle Coach, Misha


Suitable for:

  • Overweight individuals looking to lose weight
  • Exercising while pregnant - they make great maternity bands
  • Rehabilitation after recent injury - to gently regain strength
  • Warming up prior to intense exercise
  • Cooling down after a period of exercise
  • Using as a Yoga band to assist in holding stretches

Buy the complete set of three resistance bands and get a free carry bag!


Resistance and size

Beginner - Low resistance. 14-25lbs. 17”x3” (Heavy if placed on Ankles)


Eco-Friendly material that is durable and extra stretchy. With non-slip grip to ensure the band stays in place. Polyester, cotton and Eco Latex.


Light, small and easily portable. Great whether you are a beginner who is looking to hit your body goals or if you are someone who is looking to take your workout regime to the next level. Can be used to activate Glute, legs and arms.

The set of which features 3 different sizes of resistance will help you hit your goals by pushing you from beginner to being able to use the expert band to make those workouts harder.

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