The Best Types of Fabric for Resistance Bands

best types of fabric for resistance bands

Knowing which is the best type of fabric and deciding which one is the best for you can depend on several factors. Latex, polyester and cotton all have their pros and cons, so which is the best type of fabric for resistance bands?   


The Difference Between Latex and Fabric Resistance Bands

As latex and fabric are two very different fabrics they both come with their pros and cons. Latex resistance bands tend to come in packs of 3 to 5 bands all with varying tension levels, this is a big pro for latex bands as everybody’s tension needs are different depending on how hard you’re working out and if you are a beginner, expert or intermediate. They also tend to be more stretchy allowing for bigger movements with the band. However, latex isn’t that comfy as it sticks to the skin very easily. Especially with bare skin, latex bands tend to roll up rather than staying in place and this can get quite annoying and distracting when trying to work out. 

Latex resistance bands


Fabric resistance bands are typically sold separately, so they are slightly more costly for more overall. However, they make up for this. Fabric resistant bands are far more comfortable than latex bands, they don’t stick to your skin and the fabric is cushioning. The fabric bands also grip much better so they don’t often roll up or move out of place when you are completing your workout. As an added bonus, they are more eco-friendly than latex. 

Cotton Fabric Resistance Bands

Cotton as a material is breathable, soft and comfortable. Cotton is much less likely to irritate the skin as it’s a more natural fabric so it’s not likely to rub your skin as you work out. Although cotton isn’t the most durable of materials and not quite as stretchy and malleable as polyester and latex. 

Cotton fabric resistance band

Polyester Resistance Bands

Polyester is a synthetic material so it does tend to be stronger and more durable than natural fibres such as cotton. They also dry quickly and are resistant to shrinking so if you use your band a lot and need to wash it, this shouldn’t become inconvenient. However, like latex polyester sticks to the skin much easier so it may be less comfortable and grip less than a fabric resistant band. 

The type of band that is best for you depends on your preferences and how often and how intensely you will be using the bands as they all have their pros and cons. If you typically work out for long periods of time, a more comfortable band, such as the fabric one, might be better suited to you. However, if you are wanting to use the resistance band with large full-body movements, a latex one might be more appropriate due to it being more stretchy. 

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